Do Tavi test on animals?

Never. We are cruelty-free brands, thus we never test products or ingredients on animals.

Is Tavi's sustainability initiatives genuine?

We want to be a sustainable brand that can have a good impact not only on consumers but also on the environment. Therefore, our sustainable initiatives come straight from our hearts and are supervised by the parties involved.

Is less plastic on delivery will affect product safety during shipping?

Less plastic on delivery will in no way reduce product safety during shipping. Worry not, we use environmentally friendly alternative products with the same safety as plastic!

What does vegan and/or cruelty-free mean?

Vegan products are free of animal-derived substances and are environmentally friendly. They include components that are excellent for ourselves and the environment, whether they are plant-based or synthetic. While cruelty-free goods signify that we don't test on animals because we care about animals and other living things.

Why does Tavi use soy ink and less glue?

Soy ink degrades four times faster than petroleum-based inks since it is made from organically generated soy oil. This simply implies that the entire life cycle of soy ink is shorter, and the overall environmental impact is significantly reduced. We also aim to limit the amount of glue pollution in the soil and, eventually, the groundwater.